Finally… A VR Headset Which Can Slayyy🗡️

We’ve got some jaw-dropping news from the metaverse that would blow your mind (literally)🤯 and make you an avenger.

5 min readMar 23


So… get into your avatar, strap your VR headset, and let’s begin.

What’s In Plate today🍽️

  1. 👨‍🎤 K-Pop’s Metaverse secret: They’re parentless… and heartless?
  2. Palmer Luckey’s killer VR game: Slay humans without going to jail 🩻
  3. 💰South Korean Government injecting steroids worth $51 Million into the metaverse
  4. MIT’s X-AR will make you Tony Stark with its X-ray vision 🥽.
  5. Apple’s AR/VR launch delayed: Designers demand perfection, leadership swings from trees🐒
  6. Quest prices drop⬇️: Fire sale before the Metaverse apocalypse?

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Let’s Dive Deeper

K-Pop band rocks metaverse. Band members don’t exist???

Meet MAVE: — South Korea’s newest K-Pop sensation taking the world by storm with their debut music video🎶, attracting almost 20 million views on YouTube in just two months.

The twist? MAVE band members don’t exist in real life. They are creations of AI and web designers. 🤖

Their AI-generated avatars are so realistic that it’s hard to tell if they’re human or virtual characters.

Tech giant Kakao Corp is backing the group as part of their push to become a dominant force in entertainment and the metaverse.

As virtual content blows up, MAVE and other virtual groups may soon collab with actual idol groups and become the new norm.

However, critics warn that without unpredictability, virtual idols could become “something close to video technology, not K-pop.” 🙊

VR Headset, which can slayyy (literally).

Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus headset, has designed a modified VR headset that explodes💥 and kills the wearer in real life if they lose a video game. Wait, what?!

Inspired by an anime TV show, Sword Art Online, Luckey’s invention adds a new level of intensity to gaming. He insists it’s only a piece of office art for now but argues that the only way to make a game really feel real is to tie it to real-life consequences.

We’re not sure about you, but exploding in real life is a bit too extreme for us🤯. Can you imagine playing Among Us and suddenly boom? We’d rather stick to virtual reality. 🙉

South Korean Government injecting steroids into the metaverse

The South Korean Ministry of Science just approved a whopping $51 million💰 investment in various metaverse projects.

These funds will be utilized for building labs, academies, grad schools, and healthcare platforms in the metaverse🏫.

While some private companies🦄 may have cooled off on the metaverse, South Korea is showing that they believe in it more than ever.

The government recognizes the need for state funding, especially in the current economic situation. And let’s be honest; we could all use a little government support right about now, am I right?🐵

This move may be a piece of the SK government’s master plan to have more control over the metaverse🚩, which is otherwise steered by the genZ.

MIT’s X-AR is gonna make you Tony Stark

MIT has developed a new augmented reality headset with X-ray vision, nicknamed “X-AR,” that lets you see previously hidden things. And trust us, it’s not just bananas and peanuts that are hiding out there.

X-AR uses wireless signals and computer vision💻 to enable users to see invisible things to the naked eye.

So, you can now say goodbye to playing hide-and-seek with your belongings. Imagine finding your wedding ring💍, which you thought was lost. May you save your marriage. 🙊

It can be a game-changer for warehousing, retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing applications. It’s like having x-ray vision but without an iron suit and Jarvis.

Monkey fight between Apple’s leadership and Designers

There’s a rumble in the jungle that’s got the tech world buzzing — Apple’s AR/VR headset🥽 is reportedly causing internal division at the company. 🙈

While CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams are eager to launch the highly anticipated headset, designers are holding out for a sleeker, more lightweight model.

With current price estimates ranging from $2,000 to $3,000, Apple’s debut AR/VR headset must be worth the wait- after all, Apple’s got a reputation for creating practically perfect products in every way. 🐵

Quest prices fall⬇️ Discounted headsets = metaverse is failing?

🥽Quest 2 [$499.99 to $429.99] while Meta Quest Pro [$1,499.99 to $999.99]

Sure, some critics might argue that Zuckerberg’s grand plans are buckling under the weight of his hubris, but with the VR market still dominated by gaming, there’s still plenty of potential for success.

And let’s not forget that Meta has sold over 20 million units. That’s a lot of gamers 🎮and potential metaverse explorers.

Plus, if the metaverse does take off, it could be worth a whopping $5 trillion by the end of the decade.

So, while the road ahead may be extended and uncertain, it’s clear that Meta is in it for the long haul.

And who knows? 🐒

Maybe we’ll all be living in a digital utopia in 15 years. Or maybe we’ll just be playing more virtual golf. Whatever happens to the metaverse, the 🐵Big Black Monkey is going to keep you updated.

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